Welcome to the 2022-2023 School Year!  This will be my 4th year working at McKinley School and my 14th school year working as a speech and language specialist in the North Bergen School District.  Time really does fly! I received my Bachelor's Degree from Brandeis University and my Master's Degree in Communication Sciences from Hunter University.  I am looking forward to a wonderful year at McKinley School! 
In order for your child to succeed in school, it is important for your child to have a robust vocabulary. You can play a role in helping your child learn new words. Here is a list of strategies you can use at home to expand your child’s vocabulary:
1. Read to your child daily
2. Provide kid-friendly definition of the new word
3. Introduce the child to the newly learned vocabulary multiple times 
4. Take your child to new places and expose him/her to different ideas. Visit your local zoo or the nearest museum and have your child describe the various animals and exhibits that he/she sees. Take your child along with you as you run off to the bank, the grocery store, or the post office, and see what new words you can discover. (taken from the Parent Toolkit)
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