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Laughs to start the summer

Q. Where do sharks go on summer vacation?

A. Finland!

 Q. What can’t basketball players go on summer vacation?

A. They would get called for travelling!

 Q. Where does Tarzan go for vacation?

A. Hollywood and Vine!



An Interview with our New Nurse Patel!

How many years have you been a nurse for?

For more than 25 years


How has your first year at McKinley been?

Good, I like to work here; the people are very nice and hospitable.


What or who inspired you to become a school nurse?

When I was in the third grade, I was inspired by a movie actress that was a nurse.


Do you enjoy your job?

Of course! I love my job! I love taking care of the students and staff.

What was your first day like compared to today?

Every day is busy; many children come in and out of my office. Parents even ask questions! I really enjoy being a nurse.


Do you have an advice for children who would like to study your profession?

It is a good profession to study for. Work hard and stay focused. I have the best feeling, knowing that I helped children.


Thoughts on young people having nothing to teach the older generation….


         You usually hear people say “You can learn a few things from your elders.” You never truly hear it the other way around. Though older people have more experiences and logical and practical views involving life, the younger generation can teach the elders a thing or two.

         Younger people have the tendency to adapt to technology faster and can teach older people how to use these technologies. These technologies can improve things like a persons lifestyle. For example, it’s like me teaching my stepmother how to use the new social media’s. I have been teaching her how to use them for almost a year. Since the time she has started, she’s had a major life change. Her old school buddies that she thought she would never meet again, are now her most talked to friends.

         Secondly, young people know the changes and current fads of the current world better than any other people. Thos changes and fads are things you can teach the adults and elders. Some of those changes can involve politics, or government gossip.

         Older people are better at giving advice on the correct ways to live life. Younger people can teach things like research, banking, technology, advice, and many more things.

         The main thing is that every generation can learn a thing or two from one another.

 -Amelvis Villafone


Basketball Talent in Our Own Town

-Kailyce Hanna

            New Jersey is showing some real talent as basketball player Mimi Stokes puts her city on the map. Mimi Stokes is 14 years old. She is a freshman at North Bergen High School. This year, Mimi Stokes has averaged 15.2 points per game! She has had a phenomenal season. In Mimi’s past three games against Hudson Catholic, Marist, and Union City, she has been able to lead her team to victory by scoring 18 points against Hudson Catholic, 16 points against Union City, and her career high so far, 23 points against Marist. This doesn’t include her steals, blocks, and assists per game. As a freshman, she has had four double-doubles within ten games.

            We can’t wait to see what Mimi does next!


Is self-respect important?

-Lianna Herrero

         Self-respect, pride, and confidence in oneself; a feeling that one is behaving with honor and dignity. Also known as self-esteem, self regard, amour proper, faith in oneself. This feeling is a great one. Confidence is a beautiful thing and looks good on everyone. Before you can respect anyone you need to respect yourself.

         It changes your whole look. A little bit of confidence goes a long way. It affects you and the way people look at you. Self-respect is beautiful on anyone. It makes you want to be friends with more people and makes you want so socialize more. Self-respect increases your chances of relationships, both professional and intimate. Confidence makes a person more appealing.

         Self-respect is not only free but also cheap. It costs nothing to love yourself. To show that you love who you are and no one can tell you different. While it is true no one can love themselves all the time, every minute of the day, we can respect our flaws and others flaws. Self-respect is both important and beautiful.


New Music!

-Lianna Herrero

         Successful Grammy award winning rapper Drake, just dropped his 6th solo studio album on April 29th, 2016. Drake has been building up this album, Views from the 6, for months. With 20 tracks and even an interlude, it is a solid and true album. Recorded with famous “40” also known as Noah-40, and featuring Rhianna, Pimp C, dvsn, Party Next Door, and Future, this album is sure to be a hit. It brings together every version of Drake, from his emotional “Take Care”, to “If You’re Reading This it’s Too Late” where he takes on the persona of the “ I’m the man and I don’t care.” It mixes old school and new rap, perfectly!

         “Views From the 6” reflects on his name and his hometown of Toronto, Canada.  I thin this may have been a reflection of his relationship with Nicki Minaj, who he recently revealed in an interview, he no longer peaks to because of Meak Mill. Stay tuned to see what happens with Drake next! 


Fashion week!

-Diya Patel

          Have you been looking at the weather lately? Well, its been getting pretty sunnier and warmer now a days. Since summer is on the way, there has been new fashion tends. Some new trends that have been out for summer are cropped tops with patterned stripes paired with high waisted shorts. Another example is a skater skirt with cropped or flowy tops. People have also been wearing rompers with sandals.

         My opinion on the fashion trends is that, well, I love it! Everything is so cute and definitely has cute summer vibes. The best outfit would be a cropped top with high waisted denim shorts and cute sandals. You can visit any of these stores to get your new summer clothes, Forever 21, Aeropostale, H and M, and Hollister.

         I think the fashion trends from the summer are the best from all of the other seasons. They are really cute and simple and fun and colorful.


 McKinley Spartans Getting Their Heads in the Game

-Paola Guerra

         This year the McKinley Spartans are getting real with Track and Field and training hard. At track practice, Ms. Conroy and Mr. Pacifico show no mercy to the students. It’s all about good form, no slacking whatsoever! All exercises are done together, as one team, and that is where spirit is really shown.

            Once they have warmed up, they jog. The teachers make sure each student paces him/her self carefully, we don’t waste too much energy in one lap! The gym is too small to get a good run, so they go outside. Each student may pick a partner to run with. With your partner you walk, jog, and run together, no one is left behind. Here is where partners come in handy, if you’re feeing tired, your partner picks you up and keeps pushing you and making sure you keep going.

            No matter the weather, the McKinley Spartans do not stop! Hey, what’s a little refreshing rain? “Always imagine yourself at the finish line” some say to motivate themselves. Once you’re running time is done, you’ll feel accomplished. We have learned to keep going and not stop. Ms Conroy motivates the track team by giving them visuals of a prize at the finish, while some, like me, run for the food at the finish, especially if it’s pizza.

            The McKinley Spartans are really into this, and once it’s the end of practice, what’s better than a good stretch? I mean, besides pizza!