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Together students, parents, teachers, supervisors, directors, and administrators must work to create an environment in which the children of North Bergen can gain the skills necessary to be successful, informed citizens in order to actively participate in society.  We envision the North Bergen School District as a place where students will be 
educated through the use of innovative techniques and multifaceted resources by educators who are constantly improving their craft to deliver instruction.

News & Announcements

information concerning mask rules


Masking protocols outlined in Executive Order No. 175, which are aligned with current CDC recommendations, remain in place. The Order includes an exception to masking requirements outdoors during periods of extreme heat. Additionally, the Order includes an exception to masking protocols in situations where wearing a mask would inhibit an individual’s health. Click on the headline for more information.
Superintendent's Message


Please click on the headline to watch the May 28th announcement from Dr. George Solter regarding Memorial Day weekend, vaccinations for children who qualify based on age, graduations and summer school programs.
Covid-19 vaccine consent form and screening questionnaire

COVID-19 Vaccine Consent Form and Screening Questionnaire

The North Bergen Board of Health will be offering the Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine to students who are 12 years of age or older. Click on the headline to download and sign the attached COVID-19 Vaccine Consent Form and Screening Questionnaire. This form must be signed by the Parent/Guardian and returned to your child's school.
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How to schedule for a Covid-19 Vaccine

The North Bergen Health Department is now offering COVID-19 vaccine for parents and students ages 12 years of age or older. Please click on the headline to get more information about scheduling to receive the vaccine.

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