Safety Club » Welcome to McKinley

Welcome to McKinley

                                                         Moderator: Ms. Pichardo
Safety Patrol Club at McKinley School has made the commitment to promote safety.   

Patroller must:

  • Be a positive example for other students
  • Keep their classmates safe
  • Be responsible
  • Have a helpful attitude
  • Be a good role model by being respectful
Duties include:
  • Opening and closing doors
  • Being respectful to the school staff and students
  • Monitoring the hallways
  • Helping students who are tardy
  • Keeping school areas safe, such as stairways, hallways, playground, and the cafeteria.
  • Helping students get to class or designated areas without running
  • Assisting/working cooperatively with adults in assigned areas (gym, cafeteria)
  • Greeting families as they enter the building each morning