Ms. Sardella 's Email: [email protected]

  Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year.I have been a teacher at McKinley School since 2001.I am pleased to be back for another school year. I will be teaching grade 3-1. Therefore, lets make this a great one !
Supply List   2022-2023

personal headphones 
2 marble notebooks 100 sheet count.Please label one for ELA and Math.
Please have 3 number 2 pencils per day for class in your pencils case .
pencil case 
pencil sharpener 
1 small assignment pad
glue stick 
one box of colored pencils or crayons 
small white board with marker 
safety scissors 
3 folders one for tests,homework,and take home notes .Please label each folder .
If you would like to bring in one of these items it would be appreciated.Paper towels,sanitizer,or disinfectant wipes.