100,000 Thank Yous!


A story from Ms. Morgana:
As your Spartan students might have told you, we have been working on Holiday cards for active military members who will be overseas and away from their families for the holidays. The cards were absolutely incredible. The messages of pride and well wishes along with their drawings were so genuine that they filled us with the holiday spirit. I packaged up the cards and went to the post office to mail them to Ty, Kelly & Chuck’s "100,000 Thank Yous."
I was speaking to the post office workers and mentioned that McKinley School was mailing over 200 cards to our deployed service members. As I was leaving a young man stopped me and said, “Mam, I just want to say thank you.” I looked at him sort of confused. He went on: “for the cards you are mailing to our troops. I just got back from deployment 2 weeks ago.” I shook his hand and thanked him for his service. I told him that I was always curious if they received the cards. He shared with me that they absolutely love getting holiday cards so much that they hang them all over the walls. 
His words: “They really make a difference.” 
The kind words of this soldier reminded me how much the little things really do matter: what we do, both big and small, matters. Be proud of your Spartans. Remind them of what a difference their kind gestures can make and how this one is making a difference to the brave men and women serving our country.

To the hundreds of thousands of service members who won't be home for the holidays -- I think one of our students said it best: "they will always be with you in your heart." We appreciate you, we respect you and we salute you! Today, and every day, we thank you!

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